Thursday, April 10, 2014

Journal: Note To My Younger Self

I came across a great post on Instagram the other day...

It really made me think...what would I tell my younger self?!?!  Here is what I came up more than two words!  Lol.


Take it easy!  Take the time to enjoy every moment as time goes by very quickly.  

Enjoy being a young wife and mom.  As crazy as things may get you'll have the best memories.  Finding balance is always a work in progress.  You can never have it all have more kids coming lol!  

Embrace change and focus on what and whose company works for you.  

Don't second guess yourself.  As crazy as your random thoughts can be're spot on!

You're such a perfectionist at work.  Take it easy.  Don't overdo it, you'll make yourself sick...literally.

Lastly, you are enough!  Don't spend so much time comparing how you measure up to others.  They haven't walked in your shoes!  You have what it takes!  What you dream about is an indication of what God wants for you!

This was a great exercise!  I wouldn't take away my experiences because they made me who I am today, but I would change my perspective on how I viewed those experiences! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oldie but Goodie Review: Gifted Hands - The Ben Carson Story (2009 Film)

I don't know where to begin with this film.  Let's just say it's a must see.  I watched it with my family and it brought about much discussion throughout.  It just lit a fire under my butt as a mother!

The movie is based on the life of a renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson who beat the odds and became a solution.  According to the description of the film, his mother gave him courage, his faith helped him believe and his brilliance gave him power to change lives!

I was inspired by Ben Carson's mother in this film.  I won't give away too much but I will say this....a lot of times as parents we may feel like we don't have enough or know enough to equip our children for the future.  This story proves once again that it's not about what you don't have to give but what you do with what you DO have!  YOU CAN RAISE A WORLD CHANGER IF YOU CHANGE YOUR THINKING!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Journal: Keep Them Busy

I've always grown up hearing adults say "I keep my kids busy!"  I never paid much attention to it but since becoming a parent...I totally get it!  Keeping them busy means less time to get into possible trouble.  With that in mind, you will do as many drop-offs and pick-ups you need to, especially when you see them enjoy and treasure whatever they're involved in.  What better way than to nurture what your child loves as best you can.  Whether it be clubs, leagues, competitive or recreational classes or DIY projects...get them active!

For our household it's dance and numerous DIY (Do-It-Yourself) activities.  Our girls have ALWAYS had a love for music and dance so we have put as much as we can into cultivating that interest.

This week their dance company A New Daei was invited to perform as the halftime show for a Caribbean themed playoff game for Black History Month.  It was a lot of fun and also the girls' first basketball game.  The excitement was in the air for both the parents and the dancers.  What a joy it was to watch them thrive and perform after numerous hours of practice.  To see the dancers come together, look out for each other and truly work as a family was amazing!  They are learning things that we could never teach them.  Thrilling indeed!  Here are a couple photos from that night.

Monday, February 3, 2014

HEALTHier Eating - Daily Infusion Of Greens

In an earlier post (To Kale Or Not To Kale) I mentioned that we were trying to incorporate more greens into our diet.  It's a slow start but a start none the less.  Since then we've made some progress.  We've come up with a way to incorporate greens into almost everything we eat.

Firstly we blended a huge batch of kale and spinach. We added water as required by the blender to keep things moving.  We then used ice trays to freeze our blend.  This way we can add our preferred amount of cubes when cooking our meals and no one will know the difference.  Tried it and couldn't taste a thing.

Secondly, we juiced our remaining batch of kale and spinach.  We also juiced broccoli, cucumber and celery.  We strained our juice to get it nice and smooth then used our ice trays to freeze it.  Such an easy way to add as many cubes as we like to our juices and fruit smoothies.  The kids love it.  Hubby loves it.  I love it and we've gone from very little greens to incorporating potent amounts into our daily diet. 

If you're not big on greens or vegetables, this is an amazing way to get it in daily.  You can infuse your choice of cubes (blended or juiced) into soups, juices, sauces, stews, etc.  I'm assuming you can do this with all veggies and fruit especially if you have picky eaters at home.  This option also allows us to pick up more fruits and vegetables when they are on sale without it going bad in the fridge within a short period of time.  Brilliant!!